can increase your sales and profits if you own or run

super market

Spa / salon


coffee shop



drives Repeat customers as well as New Customers

Retain existing customers

Drive new customer walkins

Get feedback from your genuine customers

You can use for any business format

Single Location


Chain Stores

How well do you know your customers?

Repeat customers are 10x more valuable

Loyal customers spend more

Loyal customers refer new customers

Loyal customers try new products and services

Now you too can run your OWN Brand loyalty program with Nistapp to get

Increase in Sales 15%

Increase in Profits 40%

And you Pay only when you see results

Bonus : Get promoted to potential customers

Employees of leading corporates

FB, whatsapp and other online platforms

Cross promotion in your locality

Get detailed and transparent reports

Live dashboard of how your business is performing

Identify your most valuable customers

Get branchwise reports

and much more ....

Starting with takes 20 mins

Step 1

Download Nistapp Merchant App from Play store or visit

Step 2

Enter store mobile phone number and complete registration

Step 3

Make Online Payment

Step 4

Start rewarding your customers

works with Point Of Sale (POS), smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop

Point of sale terminal

Laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile

Sign up with and

concept video

Case Study - A Professional Unisex Salon Hyderabad

How one merchant used Nistapp to increase sales and profits

Business / Merchant
A Professional Unisex Salon located in Hyderabad, India. This beauty hub provides a wide array of services to men and women.
Sales are starting to decrease and campaigns in deal sites are not profitable.
Running a loyalty program powered by Nistapp

Results after running Nistapp for 4 months


Increase in repeat Customers


Increase in Avg Spend


Increase in Profits

"The real value for me as a merchant comes in turning a new customer into a repeat customer. Now, more of my walkin customers become repeat customers. I'm happy with Nistapp as my sales and profits have increased"

Srinivas, Owner
NewLooks Professional Saloon

We have helped over 130 businesses


No installation cost, no monthly fixed fee.
Pay only when customers spend in your shop.
Money Back guarantee.

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